ITM Systems the home of IP and Digital Video Surveillance in Africa With 7 offices in Africa, ITM systems is the best partner you can find in terms of delivery of your Digital Video Surveillance security needs. We stock the latest cameras for Home Surveillance, Small and Medium Enterprise and Large Enterprise Digital Video Surveillance solutions with one of the best intelligent analytics in the market at the moment.
ITM Systems offers end to end digital video surveillance solutions that give you everything you desire to achieve a total and comprehensive security for your home or business premises. Moreover our company have developed products that help your IT and Physical Security needs. Our solutions range from Video Surveillance, Access Control, Enterprise Alarm Systems, Motion-Activated Cameras, and Cameras with full analytics such as facial capture and facial recognition, Vehicle licence plate recognition, Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensors. We provide both Analog Video Cameras, IP Video Cameras, Network Video PTZ, IP Video Encoders, License Plate Capture (LPC) Cameras, Facial Capture Cameras, Cameras with “True” Day/Night, Thermal Cameras, and Traffic Cameras and Covert/Spy Cameras. For Video Recording Systems we offer NVR, DVR, Cloud NVR, and Enterprise Server with comprehensive analytics. Moreover we help our customers deploy the most complex Digital Video Surveillance projects thanks to our team of IP expert Engineers, who are able to design and implement a full IP solution for a city, enterprise compound, government secure building, University campuses, Mining field etc…
With the Advancement of Cloud Computing, ITM is proud to provide a public video surveillance cloud solution, our iTMView, or a Private Video Surveillance Cloud that can connect up to 50,000 cameras. One key issue in the video surveillance market today is the issue of IT Security which is a genuine fear due to the rise in use NVR’s and IP Cameras, however we at ITM have been able to negate this fear by using our team of Pen Testers and IT Security Experts to deploy some of the most secure IP video surveillance solutions in the market today. Most companies have only recently been talking about the integration of Video Surveillance and IT, we at ITM achieved this goal since 2012. If you are planning to deploy a large IP Video Surveillance solution come and talk to our experts based in UK, USA and Africa we will be able to assist you regardless the size of the project. The true value of ITM Systems is not only in our provisioning of the right cameras that will take into account the customers’ needs, we will go a step further by also integrating these cameras using the best industry practices.
Our products are built on true quality and are all ISO 9001 certified, so you are in safe hands when you choose ITM for your video surveillance solution. ITM Video Solutions can be integrated to full biometrics i.e. bringing together people counting, object-tracking, and recognition applications and abnormal behavior recognition Facial Recognition, Plate Number Recognition, Fingerprint or Iris Recognition or Vein Pattern Recognition, Alarm Systems, Fire Detections Systems and Access control onto one Management platform.