Digital Night Vision Device iTM-NV0020

Higher resolution than Gen.1+
Extra long distance viewing
With Sony CCD
Effective 260-700 meters
Brightness adjustment control
Auto-on/off IR under certain light conditions
Stealth IR operation with invisible
powerful dual IR illuminators
Enhanced multi-coated optics
Taking photo/ Direct video output capability
Built-in quarter inch tripod socket
Internal memory card
Car chargeable adaptor
Rugged Rubber Armor construction

Night Vision Monocular iTM-NV0019

High magnification/ Long range viewing
Fully multi-coated optics/ Superior resolution
Built-in infrared illuminator
Lens magnification Lens 3x,5x Optional
Objective lens diameter 44mm 50mm
Lens system 50mmF/1.2 80mmF/1.7
Field of view 18deg, 12.5deg
Focus range 1.5m to infinity 1.0m to infinity
Eyepiece Dioper adjustment +4,-4dptr
Battery life IR on Up to 20hour, IR off Up to 60hour
IR effective distance, 25m
IR wavelength 850nm
Operating temperature -30°to+45°
Storage temperature 0°to+60°

Multifunction Night Vision iTM-NV0026

Large Objective Size 50mm
High Sensitivity infrared CMOS Sensor
Long Viewing Range(in full dark) 350m
Accurate Focus Adjustment
Optical magnification from 1.0x to 5.0x
JPEG Display:2560X1920
Built-in tripod mountable
Water Resistance Standard IPX4
Resistant Bright Light Exposure
Wide range of operating temperature
TF card: up to 32G(no included)
Magnification(optical): 6
Intuitive Easy-to-use Interface

New Night Vision Scope iTM-NV0025

High magnification/ Long range viewing
Image Intensifier Tube – Europe Generation 2+ or Generation 3
Built-in bright flash protection
Automatic brightness gain regular
Adopts Russian Gen2+ or Gen3 Image Intensifier Tube
Digital Controls
Weather resistant
Built-in IR Illuminator
Wide range of operating temperature
Water Resistance Standard IPX4
Easy-to-use Interface
MTBF - Mean Time Before Failure 2,500 + hours
One year warranty

Night Vision Binoculars iTM-NV0024

Total Darkness IR System
IIT Generation 1+
Resolution 40 lp/mmn
Magnification 5x
Lens System F1.2, 90 mm
Proshield Lens Coating Yes
Range of Focus 20 m to infinity
Field of view 20deg
Diopter Adjustment -5 to +5
Bright Light Cut-off
Battery life IR on Up to 20hour, IR off 60hour
Automatic Shut-off System
Infrared Illuminator/ IR Indicator
Operating temperature -40°to +50°
Power Supply 1x3 V CR123A type battery

Night Vision iTM-NV0730

Detector type Uncooled FPA microbolometer
Spectral range 8 - 14 µm
Array size 384×288 or 640 x 480
Pixel size 35um
Lens 75mm/F0.8
FOV 7.3°×5.5°(±5%)
Zoom 2X or 5X
NETD =80mk@30?
Focus Fast auto-focus/Electronics focus
Frame rate 50Hz
Display Binocular OLED,800×600
Auto standby Sensitive
Battery type Li-Ion, Rechargeable
Battery operating time 3 hours continuous operation
Charging system Intelligent charger